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1995 200,000km 911 Restoration

2020 Porsche Classic Restoration Competition

Pfaff Porsche: 1995 Porsche 911

Our entrant for this year’s Porsche Classic Restoration Challenge is a car that’s coming full circle since it was delivered by Pfaff Porsche in 1994. Not a barn find, not a low-mileage rarity; it’s a car that has been driven, enjoyed, broken, and fixed for almost 26 years. Follow along in the next few weeks and months as we bring it back to new.

26 years of Toronto’s potholed roads and exposure to the elements over five owners have taken their toll on the body of our 993 project car. While it still presents well from a distance, Pfaff Autoworks, our Porsche-certified bodyshop, will still have a lot of work to do in order to return it to showroom condition.

Our challenge car, a 1995 993 Carrera originally delivered by Pfaff Porsche, displays a remarkably clean underbody for a car with 200,000 km and 26 years of exposure to the elements. A testament to the quality and strength of the original vehicle. Still, a number of items show significant wear or damage, including fender liners held on with zip ties, rusted bumper supports, and more. Over the next few weeks, we’ll correct all of these issues.

Our 993’s interior shows the right amount of wear for a car that’s been driven and enjoyed for 26 years. Some trim pieces have cracked, and the shift knob has clearly seen better days. Fortunately, Porsche Classic offers thousands of factory parts for classic vehicles so we can retain this Pfaff-delivered car’s originality.

The 993’s suspension has held up well since it we delivered it in 1994 – the shocks and springs were replaced in 2016. As we bring it back to showroom condition, we will address the brakes, wheels, and tires, using only Porsche original parts and the correct N-spec tires.

The combination of a rear-mounted air-cooled engine and Canada’s extreme temperature fluctuations have taken their toll on some of the cosmetic aspects at the rear of our 993 project car. The rear light clusters are faded and cracked, the rear bumper supports have deteriorated and separated, and the paint has faded. But, our car has good bones, and can be returned to like-new condition with some hard work and new Porsche Classic parts.

While our project 993 shows significant mileage, its engine and drivetrain show the benefits of regular maintenance. 26 years of grime have built up, but its 3.6-litre engine runs strong, and the six-speed transmission shifts well. Still, we’ll be extracting the drivetrain as we prepare the body, revitalizing it in the process.

Removing the drivetrain is the next major step for our Porsche Classic Restoration Challenge entrant, this Pfaff-delivered 1995 993. We’ve now stripped the engine of its accessories so the engine and transmission can be removed. They will be completely rebuilt and re-sealed in parallel with work starting on the 26-year-old body.

Follow along on this page or the Pfaff Porsche Instagram for more updates!