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The Porsche Cayenne: Interior and Exterior Design

The new Cayenne: a sports car for five.

In motorsports we know: only one can be the first to cross the finish line. But only the whole team can make the victory happen. What counts on the race track, also counts on the road of life: all for one, one for all. A belief that the 2019 Porsche Cayenne is putting into action. By bringing team spirit to the world of the sports car, and at the same time, sportiness in our daily lives together. With five doors, that are open for any adventure. With a new dynamic design and efficient turbo units. With an exceptional digital networking, that brings the whole world into the cockpit. With versatility, quality and new pioneering assistance systems that offer the driver and the passengers exceptional comfort.

This is the way the new Cayenne makes the Porsche experience even more fascinating, even more diverse. And, at the same time, it remains what it always was: a real sports car. It is a car for real sports car lovers, who are living their great dream.


What unites us all is the enthusiasm for the sports car experience. This begins even before the start, with a first glance at the proportions. And they say: Porsche DNA.

For this, there are the typical Porsche distinguishing features such as the heavily emphasized front wings, the long, sloping bonnet with power domes and the characteristic three-piece air intakes, which have become even larger and dominant. The front apron is new and powerfully styled- even when stationary, it alludes to the concentrated performance. The LED main headlights have an optional new LED matrix beam. 

Laterally, the sharpened lines of the roof fall flatter to the rear right through to the roof spoiler. Just like the newly stayed doors and the new, up to 21-inch wheels with- for the first time on the Cayenne- mixed tyres with up to 315 mm at the rear axle. These are further details that enhance that overall sporty impression. 

The rear has been completely redesigned. The attention is drawn directly to the striking light strip, extending over the entire rear and elegantly emphasizing the presence of the 2019 Porsche Cayenne. The taillights use state-of-the-art and precise LED technology, and adopt the design concept of the headlights. 

Overall, this vehicle is broad-shouldered compared to the predecessor generation- and thus more muscular, more athletic, and more dynamic. 

Interior Design.

There are many SUVs or sport utility vehicles out there, but there is only one where you can breathe in the motorsports atmosphere just from entering it. High quality, sporty, ergonomic. For instance, due to the flat, broad dashboard and the ascending centre console for a quick grip from the multifunction sports steering wheel to the gear selector. 

In short: Porsche DNA yet again. New in all Cayenne models: The Porsche Advanced Cockpit control concept. The centre console with Direct Touch Control features an interface in glass look with touch-sensitive buttons for direct access to the most important functions. 

The coloured ambient lighting- available on request, sets precisely targeted lighting accents in the interior. You can set different colours for each mood and adjust the light intensity as well!

All models impress with their typical Cayenne strengths: spaciousness, a high degree of variability, and many premium materials. 

Visit us today to test drive the 2019 Porsche Cayenne.

Date Posted: February 26, 2019