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The Cayenne: A Genuine Sports Car For The Family

The Porsche Cayenne features five doors that are open to any adventure- making it the perfect family SUV. The stereotypical image of a "family" car is often an under-performing eyesore of a vehicle, whereas the Cayenne features a new, dynamic design and a new generation of efficient, turbocharged engines. Design-wise, this is stunning.

In terms of technology, the Cayenne has outstanding digital connectivity that brings the whole world into the cockpit. A range of new, helpful services and smartphone apps will simplify your busy life in a variety of ways.

The car is versatile and features quality, cutting-edge drive assistance systems that offer both driver and passengers extraordinary comfort, meaning this car can easily tackle a track day and a road trip!

Speaking of road trips, the Cayenne's trunk capacity is wonderful. With a trunk capacity of up to 1,710 liters*, this vehicle can safely store all of your family's belongings. The rear seats, like the front seats, are designed to be either particularly comfortable or especially sporty and, therefore, also feature elevated side bolsters. Now even more flexible, they can be folded down in the ratio 40 : 20 : 40, offer 160 mm of front/rear adjustment and boast 10 adjustment positions for the backrest angle (to 29 degrees). Depending on the model, the trunk has a resulting capacity of between 745 liters and a maximum of 1,710 laters. Ski trip, anyone?

*With the rear bench seat in the Cayenne and Cayenne S folded down; up to 1,680 liters in the Cayenne Turbo.

It is a genuine sports car for the entire family. 
Book a test drive and bring your family to put the car to the test yourself!

Date Posted: January 21, 2019