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Get a Grip on Winter with Winter Tires

Winter Comes Fast.
Don't let it slow you down.

Your Porsche was engineered for maximum performance- even in extreme conditions. And when fitted with the proper winter wheel and tire sets, you can be assured it will continue to deliver, whatever the weather.

Set apart by their aggressive tread and ability to perform at high levels in low temperatures, Porsche winter wheel and tire sets receive the exclusive N-rating after undergoing rigorous testing in hydroplane resistance, handling performance, and long-term durability- so you can conquer the cold knowing your set of winter wheels will maintain their grip through it all. 

Outperform all-seasons in low temperatures. 

The rubber compounds in all-season tires harden as soon as temperatures drop below 7 degrees celsius, resulting in reduced traction on both wet and dry surfaces. Porsche winter wheel sets have been engineered to maintain their grip in cold conditions, so you can take on winter with confidence. 

With Toronto weather taking a dive to much colder temperatures, it is not too late to pick up your set of winter wheels!

Right now, enjoy $100 off a wheel alignment when you purchase a Porsche Winter Wheel Package.

Date Posted: February 3, 2019