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Porsche Drive – subscription and rental

The Porsche Drive vehicle subscription and rental service puts the Porsche fleet at your fingertips via mobile app and concierge delivery.

Daily commute or weekend driving thrills? Your needs determine the Porsche vehicle you drive. With a choice of two tiers, membership includes unlimited vehicle changes and covers insurance and maintenance.

Single-vehicle subscription



Porsche Drive’s daily and weekly rental service provides a Porsche on-demand with concierge delivery and pick-up. Short or long term. Business or pleasure. Discover the performance and diversity of the Porsche fleet. Make your next date night extra special with an iconic 911 or add driving thrills to your upcoming road trip with the Cayenne. It’s not your standard car rental, and you’re not the standard driver.

Ready to get started? 
Ignition's on the left.

Use the Porsche Drive mobile app to apply for membership. It takes only a few minutes. You could hit the road within hours or set the start date at your convenience.

1. Download the Porsche Drive app on iOS® or Android®
2. Have your driver's license and payment option available
3. Use the app to apply for membership

Download directly here:

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