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Christopher Pfaff

Christopher Pfaff | Dealer Principal

Christopher took ownership of Pfaff Automotive Partners in 1986. His father founded the company in 1964 in Newmarket and since Christopher assumed leadership, the group has expanded considerably including the acquisition of Hallmark Toyota in 1999. Christopher is passionate about all things automotive and spent his youth at the track following Canadian motorsports.


James Coats

James Coats | Vice President of Operations

James joined the Pfaff group in 2013 on the Audi side and has recently transitioned to the Porsche team.  James has been a GM for the past 10 years with Mercedes Benz, Lexus and Audi and grew up on the fixed operations side of the business holding a position with BMW as a service advisor and service manager.  Being part of the Porsche brand has been something that he has dreamed about since being a kid growing up along side his father in the business.  James has a wife 2 kids and enjoys golfing, playing hockey and spending time with his family in his spare time.

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Matthew  Kilkenny

Matthew Kilkenny | General Manager

Matthew has worked in the automotive industry since 2004, and has been with the Pfaff group since 2015. Starting as a car washer while finishing off his university degree; Matthew worked his way through almost every position in the dealership and has built a deep understanding that all of his team members need to come together to make sure each and every client is delighted with their experience. Most of Matthew’s career was with BMW, and his recent move to Porsche has been a long standing dream. Matthew is an avid car guy, with a love for the track. If you can’t find him at the office, he is either racing a car around a track, or enjoying time with his wife and daughter.


Scott Drew

Scott Drew | Sales Manager

Scott has worked in the automotive industry since 2005, after graduating from Brock University, where he earned his bachelor of arts degree; he also has a masters degree in education from Medaille College. His passion for cars bloomed later in life, after he began working in the business; but he’s now a full-fledged Porsche fanatic. Scott and his wife live in Scarborough, are expecting their first baby, and enjoy all kinds of sports - both watching and playing.

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Bill Strumos

Bill Strumos | Sales Manager

Bill’s passion since he got into the car business in 1999 has been providing an amazing customer experience. He was persistent in pursuing a role with the Pfaff organization because of its widely-known reputation for great service; Bill joined the group in 2015 at Pfaff BMW and moved to Pfaff Porsche in 2017. His love of cars developed at a young age, when he went for a ride in his best friend’s dad’s 928, though his favourite Porsche remains the 911. Outside of work, Bill’s loves are cooking, a nice bottle of red wine, and animals; he has a dog, and his wife is an equestrian rider, coach, and trainer. Bill lives just south of Guelph and speaks Macedonian.


John Pera

John Pera | Pre-Owned Manager

John has been in the retail automotive business for 25 years. His passion for cars came early in his life when he attended races with his Dad at Mosport and other race tracks. John enjoys spending his spare time golfing, watching auto racing and traveling with his kids and family. John has been with Pfaff since 2009 and is fluent in Italian and English.

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Jason Lam

Jason Lam | Pre-Owned Manager

Jason lives in Toronto, and was obsessed with cars from the time he was a child; he always felt he would work in the industry. After working in the banking industry at RBC, he met the owner of a dealership and made the jump to automotive in 2013, and was referred to Pfaff by a friend in 2017. In his spare time, Jason enjoys track days, travel, and spending time with friends. He lives in Toronto and speaks Cantonese.


Jerome Flanagan

Jerome Flanagan | Fleet Manager

Jerome joined the Pfaff Automotive Group in 2011, bringing with him over 25 years of automotive experience in a range of areas from retail sales to corporate leasing.  He is passionate about delivering the ultimate customer experience to his clients and he takes great pride in ensuring every customer truly experiences the Pfaff fleet difference.  Jerome’s favourite expression is ‘the fleet department never sleeps’ which embodies the pride he takes in serving his customers.  An avid sports enthusiast, Jerome plays hockey several times a week and he enjoys spending time relaxing with his family and friends at the cottage.

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Amanda Bartoletti

Amanda Bartoletti | Financial Services Manager

Amanda has been with Pfaff Porsche for over five years now. Her passion comes from her family being in the car business and from her young days she was dreaming of beautiful cabriolet sports cars. This mixed with her knowledge of Financial services makes her role a perfect fit. Amanda enjoys traveling, but is always happy to come home to her family, friends, and a job she loves.

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Helen Li

Helen Li | Financial Services Manager

Helen has been in the retail automotive business since 2007. She came to Canada as a Visa student to pursue her dream and new adventures in life. She completed her business management degree from York University and had varies customer service experiences through different industries. Porsche 911 has always been her dream car since she first started learning about cars. Meeting and helping people every day is her other favorite part of the job. She enjoys travelling, dancing and learning new things. Helen is confident that she will extend her passion for cars and life through customer’s experience with Pfaff Porsche.

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Gibbon Guo

Gibbon Guo | Financial Services Manager

Gibbon came to Canada in 2009 as an international student from Shandong, China, for his master of education degree; he was a middle-school teacher in China before coming to Canada. He completed his bachelor degrees of economics in China and his education degree at Brock University, and joined Pfaff after a previous co-worker referred him to the group; he knew it stood for sport, passion, and professional management. Gibbon developed an interest in Porsche while in high school, and has had a passion for the brand ever since. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his wife and son, having dinner with friends, and playing and watching basketball (he’s also a huge Raptors fan and collects NBA memorabilia and basketball shoes). Gibbon lives in Mississauga and is fluent in Mandarin.

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Taylor Smith

Taylor Smith | Financial Services Manager

Taylor has been in the retail automotive business since 2006. He attended Georgian College and graduated with a Business Marketing: Automotive Management degree. He was born a car enthusiast and his favorite car was his Boxster S. He enjoys helping customers peruse their Porsche dream and making it an exciting purchase! He is also a Toronto Maple Leafs and Blue Jays fan.

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Alex Krigos

Alex Krigos | Porsche Sales Specialist

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Tom Neumann

Tom Neumann | Porsche Sales Specialist

Tom Neumann has been with Pfaff Porsche for over 20 years. He has been selling German cars since 1981.

His passion for German cars started with the VW Beetle that he got when he was 13 years old. Porsche was always a dream for him and when he started with Pfaff Porsche in 1995 the dream came true! He loves driving Porsches, especially track driving, and that translates into an amazing test drive experience for you!
Away from the office, Tom can usually be found enjoying time with his wife; especially riding their Motorcycles or planning their next adventure.

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Stuart Drummond

Stuart Drummond | Porsche Sales Specialist

Stuart Drummond has 19 years of luxury car experience. Stuart has the Distinction of being a Certified Porsche Brand Ambassador. Enthusiast in all things Porsche. Vintage Classic’s to modern day Classic’s. Building your Porsche with just the right touch of Porsche Exclusive items is his specialty. Stuart considers himself lucky to be a part of the Pfaff Porsche team for the last 14 years. Married with three children. All three are actively involved in racing go karts. Stuart's infectious enthusiasm will leave you loving Porsche for life.


John Hulley

John Hulley | Porsche Sales Specialist

John joined Pfaff Porsche in 2002 and brings 27 years of experience in the German vehicle market in Toronto. The Porsche 959 was a pivotal model for John growing up and thanks to his position at Pfaff, he was able to drive one. As a current vintage Porsche owner, John has a deep seated passion for the brand and brings that history to each Porsche owner he deals with. John has completed his Porsche Brand Ambassador Training as well as Porsche Brand training in Stuttgart and Leipzig which helps John stay current on the latest new models. Although he is most often found at Pfaff, John enjoys his time spent at home in the Beach area of Toronto. The best contact number for John is 416-524-0894.

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Vincent Ho

Vincent Ho | Porsche Sales Specialist

Vincent Ho has been associated with the Porsche Brand since 1999. Customer service is very important to Vincent and has helped him earn lots of repeat and referral business over the years. This passion for automobiles led him to a career in the automobile business and passion for the Porsche Brand. Vincent has participated in the Markham Chinese Soccer club for 8 years and also performs in the Cast Popular Music Club. Vincent speaks English, Cantonese and Mandarin. Vincent can be reached on his cell phone at 416-414-1997.

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Jimmy Lin

Jimmy Lin | Porsche Sales Specialist

Jimmy Lin has been in high end retail sales for the past 15 years. His dad was and still is a big fan of the Porsche 928, and this has greatly influenced Jimmy’s passion for sports cars. Jimmy is also passionate about travelling, and enjoying spending time with his wife 
and daughter exploring different cultures around the world. Jimmy has been with Porsche since 2005, and is fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese and English. Jimmy can be reached on his cel phone at 647-388-1533.

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Matt Arruda

Matt Arruda | Porsche Sales Specialist

Matt has worked in luxury auto sales for 6 years, all of which has been spent with the Pfaff Automotive Group. He has been extremely passionate about the Porsche Brand for as long as he could remember and is a current member of the Porsche Club of America. Matt loves travelling with friends & loved ones, is a self-professed huge Leaf fan and spends time playing several different sports including baseball, football, tennis and golf. Matt has always believed there isn’t another car in the world that is made or drives like a Porsche and his enthusiasm for the brand drives his passion for his career. He prides himself on his customer service in his role at Pfaff Porsche and can be reached directly at 905-850-5202.

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Thomas Tsang

Thomas Tsang | Porsche Sales Specialist

Thomas has worked in automobile industry for 7 years and with Pfaff Porsche for 4 years. His passion of the Porsche brand started at the age of 6 while watching his first Porsche race and was attracted to Porsche’s handling and innovative design. His favourite generation of Porsche vehicles are the Carrera 911 (964) and Carrera 911 GT3/GT3RS (997). Thomas enjoys basketball, tennis and golf. His values of family and respect have shaped his personality. He understands that the key to exceptional customer service is to build a long term relationship with his clients and find the right Porsche through his passion and extensive product knowledge. Thomas is fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin and English. He can be reached on his cell phone at (416) 358–8778.

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Jay Tamber

Jay Tamber | Porsche Sales Specialist

Jay-R Tamber has been in the retail automotive industry for 10 years. His love of cars began at age 5 when he received his first car calendar highlighting his birthday month with a 1986 Carrera White 930 - Slant Nose Air RUF Turbo. Always a student of life, his thirst for knowledge never ceases and he gladly embraces new challenges. Being positive is key and his wife and daughter are his daily reminder to strive for the best. Coming from a multi-cultural background (Filipino, Spanish and Indian) and being raised in the Philippines, Jay-R is fluent in speaking Tagalog and English.

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John Lee

John Lee | Porsche Sales Specialist

John has worked with the Porsche Brand for over six years. He is extremely passionate about Porsche and racing, this is evident through his ownership of a 993 coupe, 996 GT3 and 997 GT3 over the years. His commitment to his customers and the brand is noted through the repeat and referral business he generates from creating a positive buying experience. When he is not at the dealership John enjoys cycling and spending time with family and friends. He is also fluent in Cantonese, English and Mandarin.

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John Nickleford

John Nickleford | Porsche Sales Specialist

John has been in automotive retail sales for the past fifteen years after serving his country in the Canadian Armed Forces with the Princess Patricia’s Regiment in Calgary. John has always had a passion for automobiles and auto racing since attending his first race with his father as a child at Daytona Speedway. Most recently he attended a racing school for Indy cars at Atlanta Motor Speedway to further his driving skills and recently competed as one of a four driver team in a 12 hour endurance race. John and his wife share a passion for the Canadian outdoors by boating and snowmobiling with their two beautiful daughters. John is passionate to make your Pfaff Porsche experience the best possible! John can be reached on his cell at (416)-402-0497

Phone: 905.851.0852 • Email:

Mark Basili

Mark Basili | Porsche Sales Specialist

Mark joined the Pfaff Automotive Partners in 2006 and has been a part of the automotive industry since he was 16. A passion for all things Porsche became evident at a very young age building to his first car; a 1982 Porsche 924 Turbo. It’s needless to say representing the Porsche Brand has always been a dream. Being a former online Marketing Manager and Pfaff Tuning Sales Consultant, he encompasses a thorough understanding of not only the brand, but more importantly customer service and satisfaction. Giving you the ultimate Porsche experience is his main goal. Away from the dealership, Mark is an avid track enthusiast spending many days at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park and enjoys time at the cottage with his wife and family.

Phone: 905.264.7183 • Email:

Rick Reid

Rick Reid | Porsche Sales Specialist

Passionately involved in the car business since 2002, Rick brings service, sales, and management experience to Pfaff. ‎A true racer at heart, he grew up racing go karts, later switching to two wheels (racing enduro, motocross‎ and desert in the Baja). Even Rick's dog Paxton is a retired racing Greyhound from Alabama. He’s keen to point out that his focus on the customer, rather than the transaction, has been the key to his success. No matter what your flavour, air-cooled or water-cooled, a track car, investment car or daily driver Rick is happy to help!

Phone: 647.974.9911 • Email:

Bill Millis

Bill Millis | Porsche Sales Specialist

Before his entrance into the automotive business in July 2005, Bill was a self-employed mortgage specialist and ran a restaurant business; he joined Pfaff Porsche in February 2016 as a sales consultant. He studied at the University of Toronto and Centennial College, where he specialized in business management and hospitality. Bill lives in Aurora, where he enjoys spending time with his family and friends, as well as assisting with various charities. A Porsche enthusiast since he was a teenager, Bill speaks English, Greek and Macedonian.

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Lee Sayadeth

Lee Sayadeth | Porsche Sales Specialist

Lee has worked in the automotive business since 2005, working with multiple brands, and Porsche since 2009. He studied economics and finance at the University of Guelph, and has been a Porsche fanatic for as long as he can remember. Outside of work, he enjoys tennis, skiing, and hanging out with his pets and family. Lee lives in Oakville.


Cynthia Wong

Cynthia Wong | Porsche Sales Specialist

Cynthia worked in sales in the professional audio and video industry, and was a serial Porsche owner, having driven five of them previously, when she made a move into automotive in 2016. Having always enjoyed the cars, she’s happy to be a part of the Pfaff family, and about delivering the same level of service and passion for her customers as she personally experienced before. Cynthia studied commerce and economics at the University of Toronto, and outside of work, loves driving her Porsche at the racetrack, yoga, golf, and spending time with her family and friends. She lives in Mississauga and speaks Mandarin and Cantonese.


Kyle Burgess

Kyle Burgess | Porsche Sales Specialist

Kyle’s career in the automotive business began when he started washing cars at a local Honda dealership in exchange for being able to work on his project cars in the shop. He has worked in the business for over 10 years, and joined Pfaff Porsche in 2017, always wanting to work for a group with great history in the business. He grew up travelling to ski race, and continues to enjoy skiing on the weekends at Georgian Peaks in the winter, and golfing or being at the cottage in the summer. Kyle lives in Toronto.


Richard Butler

Richard Butler | Porsche Sales Specialist

A true enthusiast, Richard has been in the business for over 10 years. He spent the last 5 at Pfaff Audi where he spent time as an Audi Sport Specialist before transitioning to Pfaff Porsche. Richard grew up around cars, and was supposed to take over his father's restoration shop but had a change of heart and decided to pursue car sales instead. Richard calls Toronto home and is an avid car enthusiast, with a particular soft spot for the 997.2 Porsche GT3. 


Mike McCarthy

Mike McCarthy | Service Manager

Mike has been with the Pfaff Group since 1985, starting as a Porsche technician and achieving the level of Goldmeister technician. In the fall of 2007, Mike moved to the Service Manager position. With a father that raced Porsche’s, Mike was introduced to the world of Porsche at a very young age and as time passed, was involved in motorsports for many years. Mike’s commitment to providing excellent customer service and his passion for Porsche have led to his long standing career with Pfaff. Away from work, Mike enjoys his family, tinkering in his garage and ice hockey.


Jessie Richards

Jessie Richards | Assistant Service Manager

Jessie started at Pfaff Porsche in May 2012 as a service consultant and became a Porsche Brand Ambassador one year later. With a total of 8 years experience in the automotive service industry, she has recently taken over the role of Assistant Service Manager. Jessie strives to ensure that our Porsche owners experience a flawless and effortless service experience. Away from work, she enjoys a lot of outdoor activities, including hiking, golfing and ice hockey.

Phone: 905.850.4542 • Email:

Peter Groenke

Peter Groenke | Service Consultant

Peter has been with Pfaff Porsche since 2005, but began his career as a Porsche Service Consultant in 2002. Anyone that knows Peter, knows that he loves racing and motorsports; he has competed as a driver in the Pirelli World Challenge Series since 2013. Peter’s Porsche of choice on the track would be a 911 GT1.

Phone: 905.850.4540 • Email:

Kurt Cheekan

Kurt Cheekan | Service Consultant

Kurt Cheekan started with Pfaff Porsche in 2011, he has a combined total of over 8 years working as a Porsche Service consultant. His automotive experience stems back even further where he was primarily involved in tuning and motorsports management. One of Kurt's strongest traits, is his ability to build long lasting customer relationships. His number one priority is customer satisfaction and he works diligently to accomplish this. Please feel free to call Kurt for any of your Porsche needs.

Phone: 905.850.4543 • Email:

Rafi Ohanisian

Rafi Ohanisian | Service Consultant

Rafi began working for H. J. Pfaff Motors in 2001, moving to our Porsche store in 2005. He came to work for Pfaff on account of their exalted reputation and superior German cars. His favourite Porsche has been the 911 Carrera GTS since its debut in 2011. His passion for Porsche is only surpassed by his passion for customer service. When he’s not at work, Rafi enjoys the finer things in life, like fine dining and travelling with his wife.

Phone: 905.850.4541 • Email:

Joe Tam

Joe Tam | Service Consultant

Joe started his career with Pfaff Porsche in 2012 and has been a great addition to our service team. He was born in Hong Kong and is fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese. His dedication and reliability is unwavering, and it reflects in the satisfaction and loyalty of his customers. Joe’s favourite Porsche is the new 918 Spyder with a Weissach package. In his spare time, he is an avid ballroom dancer.

Phone: 905.850.4544 • Email:

Kahla Phillips

Kahla Phillips | Service Consultant

Kahla joined Pfaff Porsche in February 2015 and is the newest addition to the Service team. She came to Pfaff after completing a one year internship at the Porsche Cars Canada head office and is excited about being in the workshop where all the action happens.  Kahla is currently completing her Automotive Business Diploma at Georgian College and she is thrilled to be living her dream; talking cars every day.  When she’s not at the dealership, Kahla can normally be found downtown Toronto enjoying a fast paced city life.

Phone: 905.850.4522 • Email:

Jason DeMello

Jason DeMello | Service Consultant

Jason began his automotive career in September 1998 as an apprentice at a downtown BMW store, but has had a passion for cars since he was very young; in fact, when he was 10, he can remember helping his father repair the vehicle of a family friend. He has his automotive technician license from Centennial College and lives in Aurora. In his spare time, Jason enjoys spending time with his wife and five children, golf, and collecting model cars.


Vincent Chan

Vincent Chan | Service Consultant

Vincent got into the automotive industry in 2005 as a sales consultant, and became service consultant in 2007. He was with the Lexus brand over a decade, before he joined Pfaff Porsche in 2017, referred by another Pfaff employee. He likes to play golf, badminton, listen to music and learn about all technologies and cars. He lives in downtown Toronto with his wife and two kids, and speaks English, Cantonese and Mandarin.


Francesco Ferranti

Francesco Ferranti | Express Service Consultant

Francesco studied business at Humber college, and then did his postgraduate studies at Seneca College in marketing. Throughout his education, he worked at several positions within different companies to understand how businesses were run. He started at Pfaff Porsche in October 2012 as a car washer, and moved up through several roles before becoming a service advisor. Outside of work, he enjoys playing hockey, being active, and hanging out with his friends and family. Francesco lives in Vaughan.


Shahreen Shahid

Shahreen Shahid | Appointment Coordinator

Shahreen studied business at McMaster University and fashion at Ryerson University, and joined Pfaff Porsche in August 15. She is a native of Brampton, Ontario, and outside of work enjoys spending time with her family and friends, travelling, and shopping. Shahreen speaks Bengali and Spanish.

Phone: 905.850.4922 • Email:

Romano Bifolchi

Romano Bifolchi | Appointment Coordinator

Romano always loved the Porsche brand as a child, and growing up in Woodbridge, he became familiar with Pfaff’s affiliation with the marque. Before working at Pfaff, he worked for a company driving privately, and applied online, always with the goal of working for the group. In his spare time, he enjoys working on older vehicles with friends, travelling, and enjoying sports outdoors. He lives in North York and is fluent in Italian and Spanish.


Vincent D'Angelo

Vincent D'Angelo | Parts Manager

The German vehicle parts business has been Vince’s mainstay since 1969. He joined the Pfaff group in 1974. Vince’s knowledge and expertise granted him the position of Parts Planner for Volkswagen Canada in only 2 years. There, he was responsible for ensuring there was an adequate supply of replacement parts for Volkswagen, Audi, and Porsche in Canada. In 1981 the Pfaff family saw Vince’s return and he became the Parts manager for Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche after a short year. Vince’s leadership has catapulted Pfaff’s parts business into the giant that it is today.


Brad Sinclair

Brad Sinclair | Assistant Parts Manager

Brad has spent 23 years of his career in the parts business the better part of that being the 16 years he’s worked at Pfaff Porsche. Brad has been a car enthusiast since he can remember with the Porsche brand topping the list of his favorite cars. You could even say that being an enthusiast was in his blood considering that fact that his father was an unequivocal car junkie himself. The current model GT3RS is Brad’s favourite car in the Porsche line up, which stays true to he and his fathers race-born passion. He loves fishing and the outdoors but not as much as he loves spending time with his family.


Michael Romaniuk

Michael Romaniuk | Parts Consultant

Michael has been with the Pfaff team for over 8 years and has worked under the Porsche rooftop for 5 years previous. Michael’s passion for his work shines through in his terrific team spirit and he enjoys helping everyone who needs a hand. His other passion is his music. He loves playing the piano and when he’s not recording or writing you’ll find him tearing up the keys at a gig.


Jason Lall

Jason Lall | Parts Consultant

Since Jason was young, his passions have included cars, sports, music and family. His Father, who worked and retired from Volkswagen Canada’s head office, was an important influence and fueled Jason’s particular passion for the VW, Audi, and Porsche brands. At the age of 15, Jason began his career in the automotive industry with Volkswagen and he has been driving his career forward ever since. In 2007 Jason joined Pfaff and he has become an integral member of the Pfaff Porsche Parts team.  He takes pride in the wealth of knowledge he has gained in his nearly 21 years of experience in the automotive, and he uses these skills on a daily basis to deliver exceptional assistance to our customers and his technicians.  


Frank Raso

Frank Raso | Parts Consultant

Frank worked in the luxury car business for over ten years before finding home at Pfaff Porsche 4 years ago. Frank has always had a knack for customer service so there isn’t much of a question as to why he’s behind the parts desk. He just loves helping people!


Jerome Hylton

Jerome Hylton | Parts Consultant

After working at BMW Toronto for 2 years, Jerome saw the opportunity join the team at Pfaff Porsche. He began his career as a back-counterman before eventually becoming the expert in the Porsche Driver Selection boutique. Jerome’s charisma translates well to everything he does in the Pfaff community. He has been a Marshall for Ride For The Cure, cheering on and supporting the riders every year since he’s been at Pfaff. Jerome has an insatiable love for customer service and you’ll never catch him around the dealership without a smile.


Allen Volpe

Allen Volpe | Parts Consultant

Allen joined the Pfaff group in 2008 as a member of the Pfaff Audi Parts team.  Allen transitioned to the Pfaff Porsche Parts team in February of 2015 after spending some time in the Parts department at H.J. Pfaff Volkswagen as the Parts Manager.  Allen has always had a passion for cars – especially the Porsche brand – and, as such, pursued an education in Automotive Design and Technical Engineering.  In his free time, Allen enjoys golf, hockey, and spending time with family and friends.