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Pfaff Porsche Ratings and Reviews

Below you will find customer reviews.   Click here to tell us what you think.

Paul Plotz | Ontario | 2019-07-12

I found myself with an interesting catch 22. The battery died on my 2006 997 and I was unable to open the trunk to get to the battery. I Googled the issue and learned that if I took my right front wheel off I could get to the emergency strap to release my trunk latch. There is a wheel lock on my wheel and the key is in the trunk. I emailed Allen Volpe at Pfaff to order a key and was told there are many different ones. Allen kept emailing me suggestion and links to help me get into the car. Everything that Allen suggestion for one reason or another did not work but he kept chatting with the service department and coming up with alternatives to help me out short of towing the car into Pfaff which is 1 1/2 hours from my home. This is the kind of customer service that one would expect but seldom sees any more. Pfaff has also been very helpful with my 2012 Panamera. They actually care about there customers and appreciate them. Thank you Pfaff and thank you Allen Volpe.

wayne martin | Ontario | 2019-06-20

just bought a used car from Ambross Ip yesterday . I was treated like family . Great knowledge of your product .

Michael Chan | Ontario | 2018-09-10

“Welcome to the family!” - These were the words heard multiple times that capped off a most memorable late Saturday afternoon at Pfaff Porsche. Everyone we met made us feel special and welcome. Our Sales Specialist, Jay-R Tamber was awesome. He is very passionate about his family and cars, just like I am. This past Saturday, he literally spent the last hour of his day (showing up late for a very special family event) with us that extended to 7:00 pm when everything was finalized. Also, kudos to Gibbon Guo for who is a great person to chat with and a funny guy. He was with us right to the end of the day. Welcome to the family Thank you everyone at Pfaff Porsche, I can’t wait to pick up my family dream car :-)

Jay Harris | Ontario | 2018-05-19

Buying a Porsche can be daunting. Buying a Porsche from John Hulley of Pfaff is about the best car experience I have ever had. I have purchased about 25 cars over the last 40 years. John I believe loves Porsche’s more than any buyer could and makes the whole experience of buying and owning/leasing a pleasure.

Tony | Ontario | 2017-02-13

I have had the pleasure and privilege to own several Porsche vehicles and without hesitation my go to salesperson has always been Jay-R Tamber. His knowledge, professionalism and integrity (yes that is correct “integrity”) have been consistently exemplary. But then these adjectives are also representative of all departments at Pfaff Porsche. On all occasions I truly felt that Jay-R was more focused on cultivating a relationship with me rather than trying to ever force a sale upon me. Given all the choices one has with Porsches, which can be a daunting and overwhelming task, he really he took the time to get to know me and make the process easier and very pleasant. I always felt he has been candid and upfront in all our dealings. However, even more impressive, is the after sales experience that he provides even to this day. I still go to him with any and all queries, which he addresses with the same consistent courtesy and professionalism. An absolute pleasure to deal with and know Jay-R. Well done!

Benson Lu | Ontario | 2017-02-10

Excellent service.

Lindsay Green | Ontario | 2017-02-07

Thank you so much to both Pfaff and Jay-R Tamber for the amazing Customer Service from the minute my husband and I reached out to inquire about a new Porsche to the day we picked it up. It was hands down the best experience we have had, the sheer knowledge of the vehicle, the patience to walk through all options and the follow up are why we will come back again!! Thanks again for an amazing experience.

Ara S | Ontario | 2017-02-06

We enjoyed building our car with Jay-R Tamber. If it wasn't for him, we would have chosen the 18-way seats vs the 14-way and would have completely regretted that decision. Jay-R's insistence on trying out the different seats saved the day. He was patient throughout the process and gave useful expert advice. He knew the product extremely well and was extremely helpful and pleasant to deal with. I would definitely recommend Jay-R and Pfaff team. The entire experience was very pleasant.

Violetta Ilizirov | Ontario | 2017-02-06

What an exceptional service we received from Jay-R Tamber! So impressive! We had very bad experience with one of the sale person in same location, and Jay-R took over and did his very best to please us with incredible customer service. He went through each part of our sale agreement, explained everything and made very valuable suggestion. I am extremely happy with my Porsche Macan! Thank you dear Jay-R, you went above and beyond, very much appreciated!

Noah Lauricella | Ontario | 2017-01-03

Very welcoming, proffesional staff I could t say enough great things about everyone there! Overall a great place if your looking for a Porsche I wouldn't recommend anywhere else but Pfaff! I must say the younger staff such as Receptionist, sales assistants, parts deparement and so on are very great people and very proffesinonal! Always a great time at the dealer ship whether I'm getting a car serviced or just simply browsing everyone is very welcoming and great management team I would say as well! Over all if your gonna drive a high performance luxury automobile I would say to drive anything but PFAFF! Keep up the great work!

Ivan R | ON | 2015-10-02

I would like to thank Chris Redman for his fantastic service on the selling and deliverey of my car .You are a true pro. Also thanks to Manager John and Amanda.

Dave Kelloway | ON | 2015-10-02

I do some of the maintenance on my Porsche myself and it can be tricky finding the parts I need online. I've started to realize that not only are Pfaff Porsche's prices pretty decent but the service is second to none. I emailed about some parts but getting there after work can be tricky. I just needed an oil filter for a Cayenne and Michael Romaniuk not only offered to stay late for me to pick it up but actually emailed me when he didn't see me to ask if I needed him to wait for me. That right there is small shop service from a big time dealer. Fantastic!

Robert I | ON | 2015-10-02

This letter is for the exceptional service Matt Arruda provided me on the purchase of my brand new Porsche 911. In my opinion, the level of service extended to me was far beyond my expectations. I was so impressed by the support and service provided by Matt that I felt compelled to go on record with my praise. He truly deserve it. Too often, superior service from associates go unrecognized and unrewarded. While dissatisfied customers are quick to complain, few happy customers take the time to offer praise. Appreciation letters, are for the most part the primary source of recognition for these outstanding employees. What particularly impressed me about the level of service provided by Matt was the willingness to go the "extra mile". Matt made every effort of accommodating my needs and wishes. Whatever was convenient for the customer - "consider it done". In your website, you state "it’s never been about making quotas or moving’s about building relationships." It appears that he was simply following PFAFF commitment to excellence in customer service and support. PFAFF is a world class dealership with first class facility and exceptional people. You have much to be proud of.

Karen Williamson | ON | 2015-10-02

Was In For Service... Jessie was Fabulous and Efficient, Great Gal..! Always good to Visit in Sales while I'm there...Paul, Jimmy, Stuart.... Thanks for the Laughs.... Great Environment and Pleasure to Visit.. Thanks... Karen :)

G | ON | 2015-10-02

Walked in for service without an appointment on a weekend. They accommodated and got the job done (reprogrammed keys and reset locks). Thanks Joe and Jerome .

Jay David | ON | 2015-10-02

Now that I’m ready for my first Porsche after having owned many other German made cars, I was fortunate to have met Jay-R Tamber. He thoroughly explained the advantages and benefits of purchasing from a well established company like Pfaff. Jay-R and I very patiently discussed my daily driving needs and performance requirements I longed for. I believed his natural keen sense of knowledge about Porsche and other high performance cars is of someone well beyond his years. Jays' honesty, commitment and professionalism are rare traits nowadays in our ever changing society. Thanks Jay-R!

Mitchell | ON | 2015-10-02

Vincent Ho, along with the entire Pfaff Porsche team, provided the ultimate sales and after sales experience! Thank You!

Brian Cole | ON | 2015-10-02

Service Excellence!! I wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your service department and team. I specially want to thank Jessie Richards for her professionalism and her over and above approach she took. She went well over and above to work with me through this experience. This was a major job on my Cayman. Jessie and the team in service are very knowledgeable I can’t get over how much experience and expertise they have. Customer service far exceeded my expectations. So I would tell anyone if they are looking for work to be done or just an oil change, not to second guess taking it to Pfaff Porsche. Thank you again

Lyndon Meredith | ON | 2015-10-02

Fantastic cars, first class service, and above all, wonderful people who work as a team to ensure complete satisfaction.

Shelly Gumiran | ON | 2015-10-02

What an exceptional service we received when I purchased my Cayenne S on December 31, 2013. With Jay Tamber's knowledge of the vehicle, I made the right decision in buying another Cayenne. The experience dealing with Pfaff will always be a memorable one …..especially with Jay and Paul. My husband and I will surely recommend Pfaff dealer in our circle of friends who enjoy high-end cars. Once again, I would like to especially thank Jay Tamber and Paul Marianeetti for their over the top excellent customer service. Congratulations well done!!!!!! Thank you, Shelly Gumiran Thank You, Shelly Gumiran

Kol Sodhi | ON | 2015-10-01

The most exciting experience ever was going for a test drive with Porsche Sales John Nickleford!! I was so pleased with the performance and handling of the Boxster S and decided that day I want one, John did an amazing job to fulfill all my needs and requirements on my trade in and went ahead with Boxster S in the showroom. The next exciting moment was delivery of my new car from John Nickleford, he not only made it special with gifts, but by adding the service maintenance schedule was fantastic and made my day. I really appreciate everything John did from sales to delivery making it an unforgettable experience and I will be a long term customer as well as my family wife and boys.

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