The Pfaff Porsche Team

Pfaff Porsche employees are not only trained and experienced to serve you the best...but first and foremost we are Porsche enthusiasts and want to ensure a great experience!

  • Dave Sambrook | VP of Operations

    Dave joined the Pfaff Automotive Group in 2001 starting at the original Pfaff Motors location in Newmarket. Dave has been in the retail automotive business for over 25 years and is a graduate of the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) General Dealership Management program. Dave is married with 2 children and enjoys running, sports and being outdoors. Dave is passionate about Porsche vehicles and his most memorable experience was visiting the Porsche factories in Stuttgart and Leipzig and driving on the Autobahn.

    Phone:   905-850-4545


  • Paul Marianetti | New Car Sales Manager

    Paul joined Pfaff Porsche in January 2010 and has been in the retail automotive business since 1997. Paul is a graduate of the National Automobile Dealer Association (NADA) General Dealer Management program and once meeting Paul you’ll quickly recognize customer service is very important to him. Paul was born and raised in Oakville and still lives in the west end in a town called Carlisle where he and his wife raise three young children. After joining Pfaff he quickly fell in love with the Porsche brand! Paul enjoys spending time with family and friends in his spare time.

    Phone:   905-850-4527


  • John Pera | Pre-Owned Manager

    John has been in the retail automotive business for 25 years. His passion for cars came early in his life when he attended races with his Dad at Mosport and other race tracks. John enjoys spending his spare time golfing, watching auto racing and traveling with his kids and family. John has been with Pfaff since 2009 and is fluent in Italian and English. John is huge fan of Porsche automobiles and enjoys attending Porsche Club of America social events.

    Phone:   905-264-7183


  • Carolyn Gillespie | Financal Services Manager/Assistant Sales Manager

    Carolyn began working with the Pfaff Automotive Group in 1996, and has enjoyed spending the past 8 years with Pfaff Porsche. Carolyn's career in automotive was kick started by her father, who recognized her love for all things fast. He couldn't imagine a better job than working at a Porsche dealership for her, and he was right. Carolyn enjoys running, fashion, cooking, and spending time with family and friends.

    Phone:   905-850-4536


  • Amanda Bartoletti | Financial Services Manager

    Amanda has been with Pfaff Porsche for over two years now. Her passion comes from her family being in the car business and from her young days she was dreaming of beautiful cabriolet sports cars. This mixed with her knowledge of Financial services makes her role a perfect fit. Amanda enjoys traveling, but is always happy to come home to her family, friends, and a job she loves.

    Phone:   905-264-7183


  • Tom Neumann | Porsche Sales Specialist

    Tom Neumann has been with Pfaff Porsche for 19 years. He has
    been selling German cars since 1981.
    His passion for German cars started with the VW Beetle that he got
    when he was 13 years old. Porsche was always a dream for him
    and when he started with Pfaff Porsche in 1981 the dream came
    true! He loves driving Porsches, especially track driving, and that
    translates into an amazing test drive experience for you!
    Away from the office, Tom can usually be found enjoying time with
    his wife; especially riding their Motorcycles or planning their next

    Phone:   905-850-4531


  • Stuart Drummond | Porsche Sales Specialist

    Stuart Drummond has 16 years of luxury car experience. Stuart has
    the Distinction of being a Certified Porsche Brand Ambassador.
    Enthusiast in all things Porsche. Vintage Classic’s to modern day
    Classic’s. Building your Porsche with just the right touch of Porsche
    Exclusive items is his specialty. Stuart considers himself lucky to be
    a part of the Pfaff Porsche team for the last 11 years. Married with
    three children. All three are actively involved in racing go karts.
    Stuarts Infectious enthusiasm will leave you loving Porsche for life.


  • John Hulley | Porsche Sales Specialist

    John joined Pfaff Porsche in 2002 and brings 27 years of experience in the German vehicle market in Toronto. The Porsche 959 was a pivotal model for John growing up and thanks to his position at Pfaff, he was able to drive one. As a current vintage Porsche owner, John has a deep seated passion for the brand and brings that history to each Porsche owner he deals with. John has completed his Porsche Brand Ambassador Training as well as Porsche Brand training in Stuttgart and Leipzig which helps John stay current on the latest new models. Although he is most often found at Pfaff, John enjoys his time spent at home in the Beach area of Toronto. The best contact number for John is 416-524-0894.

    Phone:   905-850-4534


  • Vincent Ho | Porsche Sales Specialist

    Vincent Ho has been associated with the Porsche Brand since 1999.
    Customer service is very important to Vincent and has helped him
    earn lots of repeat and referral business over the years. This
    passion for automobiles led him to a career in the automobile
    business and passion for the Porsche Brand. Vincent has
    participated in the Markham Chinese Soccer club for 8 years and
    also performs in the Cast Popular Music Club. Vincent speaks
    English, Cantonese and Mandarin. Vincent can be reached on his cell
    phone at 416-414-1997.

    Phone:   905-850-4528


  • Jimmy Lin | Porsche Sales Specialist

    Jimmy Lin has been in high end retail sales for the past 15 years. His
    dad was and still is a big fan of the Porsche 928, and this has
    greatly influenced Jimmy’s passion for sports cars. Jimmy is also
    passionate about travelling, and enjoying spending time with his wife
    and daughter exploring different cultures around the world. Jimmy
    has been with Porsche since 2005, and is fluent in Mandarin,
    Cantonese and English. Jimmy can be reached on his cel phone at

    Phone:   905-850-4538


  • Leo Nunez | Porsche Sales Specialist

    Leo has been in the automotive industry since 1998 and selling
    vehicles since 2001. His passion for cars started in a small mechanic
    shop as an apprentice specializing in German Cars. His favorite
    Porsche is the Carrera 911 (964) Turbo S. Family is very important
    to Leo and is married and a father of two young children. An avid
    soccer player and also enjoys shooting a round of golf. He prides
    himself on bringing the best Customer experience to his clients by
    always having a positive attitude and aims to maintain long term
    relationships with everyone he serves. Fulfilling your automotive
    needs is his commitment to you. He is fluent In English, Spanish,
    French and some Italian. Leo can be reached on his mobile phone

    Phone:   905-850-5204


  • Matt Arruda | Porsche Sales Specialist

    Matt has worked in luxury auto sales for 6 years, all of which has been spent with the Pfaff Automotive Group. He has been extremely passionate about the Porsche Brand for as long as he could remember and is a current member of the Porsche Club of America. Matt loves travelling with friends & loved ones, is a self-professed huge Leaf fan and spends time playing several different sports including baseball, football, tennis and golf. Matt has always believed there isn’t another car in the world that is made or drives like a Porsche and his enthusiasm for the brand drives his passion for his career. He prides himself on his customer service in his role at Pfaff Porsche and can be reached directly at 905-850-5202.

    Phone:   905-850-5202


  • Thomas Tsang | Porsche Sales Specialist

    Thomas has worked in automobile industry for 7 years and with Pfaff Porsche for 4 years. His passion of the Porsche brand started at the age of 6 while watching his first Porsche race and was attracted to Porsche’s handling and innovative design. His favourite generation of Porsche vehicles are the Carrera 911 (964) and Carrera 911 GT3/GT3RS (997). Thomas enjoys basketball, tennis and golf. His values of family and respect have shaped his personality. He understands that the key to exceptional customer service is to build a long term relationship with his clients and find the right Porsche through his passion and extensive product knowledge. Thomas is fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin and English. He can be reached on his cell phone at (416) 358–8778.

    Phone:   905-264-7183


  • Jay Tamber | Porsche Sales Specialist

    Jay-R Tamber has been in the retail automotive industry for 10 years. His love of cars began at age 5 when he received his first car calendar highlighting his birthday month with a 1986 Carrera White 930 - Slant Nose Air RUF Turbo. Always a student of life, his thirst for knowledge never seizes and he gladly embraces new challenges. Being positive is key and his wife and daughter are his daily reminder to strive for the best. Coming from a multi-cultural background (Filipino, Spanish and Indian) and being raised in the Philippines, Jay-R is fluent in speaking Tagalog and English.

    Phone:   905-264-7183


  • John Lee | Porsche Sales Specialist

    John has worked with the Porsche Brand for over six years. He is
    extremely passionate about Porsche and racing, this is evident
    through his ownership of a 993 coupe, 996 GT3 and 997 GT3 over
    the years. His commitment to his customers and the brand is noted
    through the repeat and referral business he generates from creating
    a positive buying experience. When he is not at the dealership John
    enjoys cycling and spending time with family and friends. He is also
    fluent in Cantonese, English and Mandarin.

    Phone:   905-850-4532


  • Chris Redman | Porsche Sales Specialist

    I have been a car enthusiast since a young boy with the posters on my
    wall of all the great vehicles of the day. (911 turbo with the whale tail
    was my favourite). My first introduction to the Porsche brand, and the
    sound of racing was through my father in the early 80’s with Rothmans
    Porsche. What a car! My commitment to customer service, and a
    passion for the Porsche brand is paramount to me. I have a wonderful
    wife and 2 children that make my life complete. And as a former golf
    professional I would be happy to offer a tip or two.

    Phone:   905-264-7183


  • Carl Conte | Porsche Sales Specialist

    Carl has enjoyed working for Pfaff Automotive Group since 2010. His passion for the automotive industry started before he can remember, and is a self-proclaimed ‘gear-head'. An extensive wealth of technical knowledge and a stout appreciation for automobiles, assisted Carl in graduating with honors; earning both a Bachelor’s Degree in Automotive Management, as well as Advanced Diploma in Automotive Marketing. If he can’t be found at the dealership, you may see him on the golf course, racetrack, mountain biking or playing the greatest game on earth…Hockey!!!

    If you would like to speak with Carl directly, you can reach him at 905-850-4551 or via email.

    Phone:   905-264-7183


  • John Nickleford | Porsche Sales Specialist

    John has been in automotive retail sales for the past fifteen years after serving his country in the Canadian Armed Forces with the Princess Patricia’s Regiment in Calgary. John has always had a passion for automobiles and auto racing since attending his first race with his father as a child at Daytona Speedway. Most recently he attended a racing school for Indy cars at Atlanta Motor Speedway to further his driving skills and recently competed as one of a four driver team in a 12 hour endurance race. John and his wife share a passion for the Canadian outdoors by boating and snowmobiling with their two beautiful daughters. John is passionate to make your Pfaff Porsche experience the best possible!

    John can be reached on his cell at (416)-402-0497

    Phone:   905-851-0852

    Mobile:   416-402-0497


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